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While we can all take advantage of the speed and sheer processing power of our computers, there's a whole bunch of folks out there for whom computers are even more important. Some accessibility tools can help people to work more easily with computers, while others make it possible to do things they might not be able to do without them (think speech synthesis and screen readers). Rather than choosing a specific tool, today we're going to look at a site with several useful apps.

FX Software has a browser full of interesting tools that can help make computing easier. Several of them make it easier for people with vision issues to see what's going on, with a variety of magnifiers, enlarged mouse pointers, and even colored overlays to help make text easier to read. They've also got a text-to-speech app that can read text you've copied to the clipboard. A keystroke counter can help you keep track of how much work you're doing, perhaps with an eye to possible repetitive stress issues that may arise. There's also a toolbar you can add to Word 2007 that makes it easier to highlight text, speak text, and even to identify passages that are overly long.

These tools are all Windows applications.

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