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runs on Windows
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Seems lately that you can't go through a day without somebody calling your attention to some clip on YouTube or another video sharing site. Watching it once is okay, but if you decide you want to look at it again, you're stuck with having to download (stream) it all over again. It might just be quicker to save it locally and watch that copy instead.

Ask and Record Toolbar can help you with that. Hit the magic button and tell it to save your video, and it will keep a copy on your local drive. Now you can replay it as often as you like, including while you're offline. And while you're in the neighborhood, what about audio? Well, as luck would have it, you can also record streaming audio with this tool. Same drill: just listen and record, then play it back at your leisure. There's also a built-in tool to convert your new video and audio files into different formats. And there's built-in search engine goodies too—the "Ask" in the name is the folks at, the other other search engine.

The Ask and Record Toolbar is a Windows application. It runs on systems under Windows 2000 and later. And remember, kids, play nice and don't use this to do bad things with copyrighted content. But you knew that, right?

Download Ask and Record Toolbar

4 Responses to “Record streaming audio and video”

  1. JayAre says:

    Ask and Record Toolbar does not work. Can not even get to to start!

  2. BGL says:

    This is a Follow-up on trying to download this application-“Sorry…This Page is not Found”

  3. ghentiaan says:

    Trash. No decent uninstall.
    You have to clean your registry !

  4. Albert says:

    The usual trick (would be illegal in this country): download is free alright, but using it is not! Misleading advertising we call that.

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