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The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east. Clipboard extenders extend your clipboard. All true statements, and fairly obvious to boot. The first two are pretty much constants, the occasional gray-sky'd stormy day notwithstanding. Clipboard utilities, however, aren't all created equal.

The system clipboard is a great idea. We all appreciate the copy-and-paste capability that this adds to our workday. After all, if we had to manually retype the URL for some hundred character-long website address, we'd never get to that page. The clipboard can be enhanced with third-party add-ons that allow for multiple clipboards, or multiple items on the clipboard. YC3 does this one better.

It can hold literally hundreds of clippings. And it's smart enough to know about plain old text, rich text, URLs, and even images. Access your clippings via an Outlook-style toolbar; drag 'em around and reorganize, and even save clippings permanently. That means you can have templates that you use and reuse—maybe something as simple as a favorite signature, or something as complicated as a form letter you can now dash off in an instant. Get them in there by selecting and copying text or images, or you can even drag selections directly into YC3. That seems pretty handy.

YC3 is a free download. It runs on any Win32 system from lowly Windows 95 up through the latest release of Windows 7.

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One Response to “Smart clipboard extender”

  1. Peter Baker says:

    This is a briliant bit of free software. I use it every day.