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runs on Windows
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One of the great things about computers is how they multiply your efforts. It's a lot faster to write a book with a word processor than it is with a typewriter. With the mindless stuff it's even better. Compare looking at items rolling in to your favorite newsreader to having to go out and prowl around on the Web to find the original items, articles, or posts. There's really no comparison. So how else can you leverage the technology to help you get more done (or to work more efficiently)? Check out Watch 4 Folder.

Just fire this tool up, and point it at a folder. Tell it what it's looking for—a new file added, an old file removed, changes in a file, or what-have-you. Once it spots that change it'll do something for you—fire up an app, write to a log, pop up an alert. Now instead of having to keep checking a file drop for newly checked-in work, you can let Watch 4 Folder keep an eye on things and let you know when something's happened. You can get your real work done, while not missing that background stuff that can also be important to you.

Watch 4 Folder is a free download for your Windows machine.

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