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It's hard to get through the day without needing to take a screenshot of something. Whether you're checking out a page layout or grabbing an image, the ability to take a snapshot of what you're seeing on-screen can make all the difference. Most screenshot tools are pretty much alike: grab a screen or individual window, dump it to a file, and away you go. Some of the fancier ones let you define a region you want to grab. Well here's one that lets you automatically put your screenshots online with no muss and no fuss.

Gyazo is a free screen capture tool that lets you take your snapshot and then saves it for you online. Once it's done, it drops the URL for your new image onto your clipboard, so you can paste it into an email, browser, Tweet, or wherever your little heart desires. Or if you've already got an image on your desktop that you want to share, just do the drag-and-drop thing onto the Gyazo application icon and your picture will be automagically uploaded for you.

Gyazo comes in two pieces. There's a desktop application that you download and install onto your computer—it's available for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems—as well as the online service that hosts your images. One word of warning here: there is currently no way to modify or delete your images once they're online, so you may want to leave the photos of the last office party off the list for now.

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