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When you blog regularly, one of the tricks you learn quickly is that you can write posts ahead of time and just tweak the dates on your posts so that they go live at some time in the future. No, you don't really have to sit down at 6:00 am every day to have a daily post, just post-date them, as it were, and go from there. But blogs—they're so last year.

Twitter seems to be the new go-to location for getting your story out there. Whether it's just killing time (eating ice cream—yum!), making a political rant, or even doing a little guerilla marketing as part of your latest website promotion, Tweeting is a whole new way to go. Unfortunately Twitter doesn't have any mechanism that allows you to write now and publish later. SocialOomph is a tool that lets you do just that.

Just set up a free account with these guys, tie it back to your Twitter account, and you're good to go. Now you can write your stuff in advance, and when the magic moment arrives, SocialOomph will make sure that your thoughts, ideas, and observations become full-on Tweets. You can hit the East Coast before you roll out of bed, or hit the Left Coast long after you've retired for the evening. Hey, you can even tell everybody about your vacation before you take it. Or not.

SocialOomph is a free service. Just sign up for an account, hook it into your Twitter account, and let the good times roll.

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