Make big files into little files with JR Split File

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We're all familiar with the notion of jamming a square peg into a round hole—or is it a round peg into a square hole? Either way, you know it's not going to turn out well. Trying to make things do what they aren't built for usually doesn't get you a good outcome.

Computer files are good things. They can be documents, web pages, spreadsheets, and more. Some files are small; others are large. If part of what you need to do during the course of your day is to move files around, you can be in for some unpleasant surprises. Suppose you've got a big report that you need to email to your boss. Or maybe you've got the numbers for next year's budget and you need to save them to a floppy disk (kids, ask your parents). Either way, taking a large file and trying to move it around in these, or any number of other ways, can give you less-than-satisfactory results. Smaller files will work better than larger ones in these situations, so it would be nice to have a tool that would help you get to smaller files.

JR Split File is a tool that can take large files and chop them up into smaller files. Once you've got the smaller files, you can move them around with ease. Save them to diskette, attach them to email messages, go nuts. When it's time to glue them back together, just run the batch file that was created at the same time, and your pieces are automatically glued back together. No muss, no fuss.

JR Split File is a Windows application.

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One Response to “Make big files into little files with JR Split File”

  1. zolointo says:

    Hate to rain on the parade, but WinRAR and 7zip have done this for years.

    Is this app really worth considering, especially when some unscrupulous editing of the mentioned batch file could result in BadThings happening?

    Also… diskette? Sure, let me format my Compuserve 2.0 diskettes first so that I can JR Split Commander Keen 6 (now with AdLib Gold support!).