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It's one thing to thoroughly research and write your paper, thesis, dissertation, or even letter to the City Council; it's another thing to get all the citations right. After all, unless you're only compiling your own data, you are no doubt depending on the work of others. And we all know that we need to give credit where credit is due, meaning you need to cite those sources. But how do you correctly and accurately give your sources? And what format should you use?

EasyBib is a site that can give you a hand with all that. Whether you need to cite a book, newspaper, website, or any of dozens of other sources (song? patent? podcast?), these guys can give you the correct format. And speaking of format, you can get your citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style formats. And even better, it organizes your sources into a list, suitable for inclusion in- or adding to your bibliography. Now your readers, whether that pesky Econ. professor or just the fans of your blog, will know for sure what you're talking about. Or at least where you got your information.

A free service, EasyBib just requires a web browser and a citation for formatting.

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