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As you tool around the Web, you're going to run across pages that you want to revisit, or that contain information you want to keep track of. You can bookmark those pages or add them to your favorites from the convenience of your browser. If you want to share them, or access them from different locations, using a bookmarking service like Delicious may be the way to go. But what if you want to keep track of that page and remember just what it was on there that was so interesting?

iCyte is a tool that lets you do just that. After you sign up for a free account, you can start saving the pages you want to keep track of. Now you can highlight important text, make notes and annotations, add tags, and otherwise mark up your page. Keep it all to yourself, or share it with others.

A free service, iCyte should work with recent browsers (they support IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) for saving pages; once those pages are saved, you should be able to pull them up with just about any web browser.

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  1. Tegan says:

    In general, no longer free. There’s a trial version, but it expires. There is a free version for anyone with an email address from an educational institution.

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