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When you've moving files locally, all you need is Windows Explorer. Even if you're pushing them across the network, it's the easiest game in town. Once you start to deal with remote locations, though, you need a different tool. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and its various secured siblings are the way to go here. Since that functionality isn't built into Windows (other than via the command line), you need to go grab an after-market tool to help you take care of those chores.

As far as FTP tools go, you certainly couldn't find a more aptly-named tool than Free FTP. We all know about the "free" part, and adding "ftp" to that means you know you're going to be taken care of. Server profiles let you set up your server information and then not have to mess with it again. You can set local bookmarks to make it easy to get back to often-visited locations on your computer or network, remote bookmarks to get to server locations that you frequent, and "combo" bookmarks that save both local- and remote locations so that you can easily get to the "to" and "from" locations you use the most. File transfer is as easy as drag and drop, so if you know how to operate a mouse, you're most of the way home.

Free FTP is a Windows application. It's compatible with systems running Windows XP and later.

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