Clear clutter from the Dock with Dock Dodger

runs on Mac
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One of our favorite parts of Mac's OS X is the Dock, that cool little toolbar that contains all those shortcuts to the apps you use most. If you know you're going to have to fire up Word a dozen times in the day, there's no point in having to go hunting for it each time; just drag it to the Dock and then run the app from there. The other purpose of the Dock is to show you which apps you are currently running. For each of those programs, the little application icon shows up in the Dock, reminding you of what's happening out there. After a while you can end up with an awful lot of stuff in that Dock. It might be nice to be able to wrangle some of that mess in.

Dock Dodger is a tool that can help bring order to the chaos. If you've got an app whose icon you don't want to appear in the Dock, just drag and drop it onto Dock Dodger. Next time you fire this application up, its icon won't be added to the Dock, saving space for the stuff you want to have there. If you decide you want to see that icon again, just drag your app to the dock Dodger window and drop it, and once again your application icon will show in the dock when you start it up.

A free download, Dock Dodger is a Mac application. You need to be running OS X 10.4 or later; it's distributed as a Universal Binary, so it's equally at home on PowerPC and Intel-powered Macs.

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