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Is anything ever really the way you want it to be? Sure, maybe you know you've got the perfect peanut butter and banana sandwich recipe (Elvis has left the building), but more often than not, you're always tweaking this and fiddling with that in the quest for that elusive perfection. If you're a computer geek, that goes double (at least). Add this new app, reorganize those files, the list is never ending. Your friends may think it's time for an intervention, but we're going to suggest something else you can use in your tweaking.

BulkFileChanger is a tool that lets you mess around with the dates and times on your files, as well as their attributes. You can adjust the creation, modification, or access time stamps for a single file. or you can grab a bunch of them at one time. In addition, you've got access to Windows' archive, hidden, read-only, and system attributes. If you were on a Unix-y box, it would be like you've combined "touch" and "chmod" and put a pretty face on them. Now you can fiddle to your heart's content.

A free Windows download, BulkFileChanger runs under any flavor of Windows from Win2000 up through Windows 7.

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