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runs on Windows
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There are a couple of different schools when it comes to coding web pages. On one side are the GUI tools that let you quickly assemble pages but give you no real control over what the behind-the-scenes code looks like. Those tend to be faster but don't necessarily allow you the ability to optimize your code or do anything tricky with it. At the other extreme, there's the purist who writes code only in Notepad or emacs. Lots of control there, but definitely no training wheels. There are great big integrated development environments (IDE) that help you with things like syntax coloring and code completion (when you start typing a tag or function name, it tries to guess where you're headed and suggests the word you may be looking for).

Scriptly falls somewhere in the middle. It's an text editor that does syntax highlighting for most of the languages you're likely to be interested in (HTML, PHP, CSS, and more), and includes most of the tags and functions you're likely to use, ready to just drag-and-drop into your code. It's also got tools to help you with creating image maps, lists, and other complicated code structures. Sophisticated search and replace means you only have to code stuff once and then re-use it instead of re-inventing the wheel constantly.

A free download, Scriptly is a Windows application. You can grab the full installer for use at home or in the office, or the compact version to throw on your USB drive.

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