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If you've been online for more than a minute or two, you have no doubt heard of a "wiki". This set of interlinked pages forms the basis for Wikipedia, as well as oodles of other websites that are built to allow easy access to, as well as collaborative addition of, information. Well it turns out that wikis can make pretty good note-taking tools as well.

Zim is a "desktop wiki" that lets you harness the power of the wiki for local use. You can edit text and execute jumps from here to there, and even create new pages by just linking to nonexistent pages. This lets you add pages on the fly as you need them, rather than requiring that you stop your own creative process to go and create a page or pages to link to. By allowing you to focus on what you're doing, you don't run the risk of heading off on a tangent while forgetting what it was that you were trying to do. And of course, Zim supports standard types of wiki markup, so it's easy to add text formatting like bold and italic, as well as lists, checkboxes, images, and more.

Zim runs on top of Python, so the install may be a little complicated. You can grab the source and compile it yourself for Linux, or check out the unofficial Ubuntu package, or even a Windows installer.

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