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There are lots of ways to convert a Word DOC into a PDF file. There are printer drivers that let you "print" a PDF, there are online services that you can upload documents to, or even desktop apps that will do the deed. What is sorely lacking is a tool that will go the other direction: take a PDF and convert it back into a DOC.

So why would you want it as a DOC? The biggest reason, other than a deep-seated love of all things Microsoft, could be to edit the beast. While PDFs are swell to share with others, there's not much you can do to modify them once they're out there. That's where PDF2Word Online just might come in handy.

With this free service, you upload your PDF file, and after it grinds away on it for a minute or three, you can download your fully-editable, Microsoft-friendly document. When we tried it, we got back an RTF (Rich Text Format) file, sort of a generic version of a DOC. While there was a font or two that were a little out of whack, it correctly rebuilt the sizes of all the text on the page, as well as correctly rendering a fairly complicated table. It was deemed "close enough", and we were thrilled to not have to go back and rebuild the page from scratch.

PDF2Word Online is a free service. All you're going to need to take advantage of it is a web browser and a PDF file that you want to be able to edit.

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5 Responses to “Online tool converts PDF files into DOCs”

  1. Norman Higgins says:

    Free Download a day seems like a scam to me. First you say it is a free download, then when I take the next step to download this “Free” programme I am told it will cost me $29.95, or I can do a “free trial” for a short time for free.
    Either a programme is free or it is not free.
    If you are offering a free Trial then say so. Do not mislead people.

  2. How can you claim “Free software a day?” There isn’t even a trial on this one, just PAY the money to get the software. Please explain where the FREE is in that? Drop me off your email list, I’m no longer interested in your site.

  3. darkshades says:

    In defense of Free Download A Day, the description clearly states the online version is free. I clicked on the link to the website and the online version is free. The same page also offers a paid version, but the online tool (as mentioned by Free Download) is free.

  4. Eshan says:

    Unfortunately this service is unable to convert PDF documents which have been produced by scanning. I have had good success with OCR Terminal (“”) although there is a cap of 20 pages per calendar month for the ‘free’ service.

    I really appreciate the software featured @; some of which are absolute gems. Keep up the good work!

  5. All the comments are right. Download a Day committed a “lie of omission”. Everything it says is true, but didn’t include all the truth (ie, paid version). Because people don’t understand the offer or don’t read carefully, sites such as this could minimize users feeling scammed by including a statement such as “PDF2Word Online is FREE, but the company also offers a downloadable version for $XX.XX.”

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