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I suppose there's some study out there that says that we're more likely to do again that which we just did than to do something else. If you just took a swig of coffee, there's probably a pretty good chance that your next move will to take another swallow. That's kind of the principal that Piles for Windows is based on.

This tool helps you keep track of the last files you worked on. Need to open that document again? There it is. Want to tweak that image a bit more? Grab it from the list. All you need to do is to drop a directory you want to watch onto the app and you're good to go. Or integrate it into Windows Explorer by right-clicking the directory and choosing it from the context menu. Either way, then just pin it to the taskbar and it'll be there just waiting for you.

Piles for Windows is a free download. As its name suggests, it's a Windows app. It runs under Windows 7, and you'll need version 3.5 of the .NET Framework as well.

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4 Responses to “Easy access to recent files with Piles for Windows”

  1. mg says:

    I’m looking for a program that will show and give access to all recently used files, but I do NOT want to right click to add a file, I want the files added automatically, and I want it to show all files accessed by all programs, not just the current program. So for instance I want all my recent CAD files, Word files, Xara files, etc to automatically show up when I do a save, save as, open, or just access Windows Explorer. Then a little box is appended to the function that displays ALL the recently accessed files. Free of course. Does such a piece of software exist?

  2. Tashimoto says:

    I agree with mg above. Software such as he/she describes would be great!

  3. Peter says:

    I shall try this

  4. Just installed and realized that this app shows files from My Documents directory only.

    I rarely use My Documents directory and I can’t find any options to change the settings so this app is of no use for me.
    Anyway the list of recent files is so short that I can’t see any improvement over the regular recent files in start menu. A bit pointless app specially for Win 7 where you just right-click on desired app icon and the recent files list is shown.

    Uninstalling right now.

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