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Sometimes it's better not to see everything you're working with. If you've ever stashed your stuff quickly in a closet, or swept things under the rug (literally or figuratively) then you know that your life can go more smoothly if you don't have everything always up in your face. Your computer is set up with some similar ideas in mind.

With Windows, you've got the notion of "hidden files", files which by default aren't visible to you through Windows Explorer. On a Linux system, or other Unix-like box, there are "dot files"—those files which have a period as the first character in their filenames. Those files are hidden by default; if you really need to see them, you have to go out of your way to do so. On the Mac, similar behavior is available: dot files are hidden by default, but there are also file attributes that can be set to make your files invisible in Finder. If you've got the Developer Tools installed on your system and you're not afraid of Terminal, you can effect these types of changes yourself. For everybody else, there's Ghost.

With this tool, it's easy to hide or reveal files or folders. Declutter your windows by hiding some of the unnecessary stuff, or take a look at what Finder's hiding from you by un-hiding files. Remember, this isn't really a security thing—"security by obscurity" isn't a viable plan—but for general "let me stuff this in the closet to get it out of the way" tidying-up, it's not a bad deal.

Ghost is a free download, and should run on your recent Mac.

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