PING is like Ghost but free

runs on Windows
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Backups are good. Backups are important. Backups can help save your bacon when your system goes down and your data gets eaten. Okay, everybody can probably agree with that. But what about taking it to the next level? What if it's not just the data, but the whole system?

PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost—not the more-common ICMP echo request of Unix fame) is a tool that can help you through the really tough times. Like when your system completely dies. Or maybe when you've got a standard install that you want to use to clone a couple—or a whole enterprise—worth of machines. Since you've burned it to a CD (or DVD), you can boot from that disk and restore your drive, partitions and all. It's smart enough to work with networks, so you can do clones or restores to and from network volumes.

You can grab PING for free, making it much cheaper than a copy of Ghost, and use it with your Windows machine.

Download PING

3 Responses to “PING is like Ghost but free”

  1. mg says:

    Too technical. Instructions written for intermediate/advanced. Need something a non-geek can understand.

  2. Jack Jarrett says:

    Doesn’t specify system requirements – unable to open any downloaded file on Windows 7

  3. Pandora says:

    Many thanks

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