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runs on Mac
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Everybody likes pretty pictures. Whether it's a still photo that's worth a thousand words, or the latest viral video that everybody's talking about, there's certainly no end of non-text information out there on the Web. While we do enjoy the pix and clips, sometimes we'd rather not have to deal with them. After all, just 'cause you love liver and onions doesn't mean you want to have them for breakfast.

BashFlash is a tool you can use to dial back on Flash movies. Maybe your Internet connection speed is running a bit slow today, or perhaps you're on your laptop out in the middle of nowhere and don't want to run down your battery on this stuff. Either way, now you can be in complete control.

When you fire it up, it lives on the Menubar, so you're not losing a bunch of screen real estate or further filling your already-bloated Dock. You can run it at will, or have it start when you login.

BashFlash is a Mac application. It's available for Intel-powered machines, and runs under OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (Leopard and Snow Leopard) with various combinations of Safari, Firefox, and Google's Chrome browser.

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