Lost USB Drive

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You put a luggage tag on your suitcase. Your mom wrote your name in your clothes when you went off to camp. But what about your USB drive? Sure, the drive itself probably didn't cost you too much, but the data on there could be priceless. If you misplace it, how will you ever get it back? Maybe through the help of Lost USB Drive.

Lost USB Drive is a tool that lets you put a "please take me home" message on your removable drive. Not unlike pinning a note to a kid's sweater, it asks whoever finds the missing drive to return it to its owner. Set up as an autorun file, like the autorun.inf you find on CDs and such, it will automatically load when your drive is inserted into a Windows machine. You get to customize your message, so you can add whatever contact information you need to make sure that your missing drive comes home to you, as well as maybe offering a reward for its safe return.

You can download Lost USB Drive for free. It may seem a little complicated to set it up, but the website gives some pretty reasonable instructions to help you through it.

Download Lost USB Drive

2 Responses to “Lost USB Drive”

  1. B Linking says:

    How about just creating a README.TXT or IF_FOUND.TXT file in notepad? or take a photo of a piece of paper with your details.. People are always curious to look at photos on a device they’ve found.

    I know if I found a usb drive, I wouldn’t go running an executable that was on it, in case it was a virus or trojan.

  2. Erik Siers says:

    My USB keys have an autorun.inf that erases the drive. This works for me because the only computers that I connect them to either have autorun disabled, or are running Linux. Then, the finder is welcome to keep it.