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Back in the day, we had to trudge barefoot through the snow uphill both directions to get to- and from school. Or at least that's what your parents would have you believe. Sure, things used to be tougher back then, but there may have actually been some advantages—and we're not talking about just the "builds character" argument from your dad. Growing your own food, building your own barn, using a non-GUI text editor. Rustic stuff.

For folks raised on Notepad and Text Edit, the notion of a command line text editor might seem like a visit to the Dark Ages. Sure, learning the intricacies of programs like vi and emacs may seem like a lot of work, but you could sure do a lot with those tools. If you want to take advantage of the power of emacs, but with the training wheels of your Mac's Aqua interface, check out Aquamacs.

Aquamacs takes the power of the emacs editor and adds the user-friendliness of a graphical interface. Rather than having to remember all the complicated commands to do simple stuff, you can just click a toolbar button to create a new file, save your edits, copy and paste text, and all that other good stuff. It features a tabbed interface, so you can work with multiple documents at once. But on top of all this newfangled prettified stuff, it's still emacs underneath, so it understands when you do hand it classic emacs commands. Sort of the best of both worlds.

A free download, Aquamacs is a Mac application. It runs under recent versions of OS X.

Download Aquamacs

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