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How many times a day do you need to send off a quick email? It's nothing too important, and certainly not very complicated, but you need to send it anyway. Fire up your full-blown email app, browse through a ton of incoming spam, compose your message, send it off, and there you go. Or if you're a fan of Gmail, start up your browser, log into Gmail, dig through all the spam, etc. Pain in the neck. Try QM.

QM, short for "Quick Mailer", is a tool that you can use to dash off a quick email without getting bogged down in all the other stuff. It sends—but doesn't receive—so you don't have to dig through the junk of be inundated with a constant barrage of offers from Nigerian princes of riches beyond your wildest dreams. Your messages can specify both your recipient's email address and a "friendly name", and it supports multiple "to" addresses, so you can send to several people at once. Give your message a subject, enter your text, and you're good to go. QM also supports attachments, so you've really got most of what you need to send your messages, but without a lot of the bloat that you don't need. You can run this app through its minimal GUI, or even from the command line if you want to keep things super simple.

QM talks directly to your SMTP server to send mail, so you will need to configure it with the appropriate settings to make that happen. You can probably use your ISP's server, so if you've got a desktop mail app, you most likely already have that information on your system.

A free download, QM is a Windows application. You should be able to use it with any Win32 platform from Windows 95 up through Windows 7.

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  1. Hugh Jass says:

    Quit giving signing up for porn and warez sites, you won’t get any spam. Gmail does a damn fine job of blocking it anyways

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