Secure Browser has your back on the Web

runs on Windows
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If you're out running around in the "real world," you can tell when you're getting into a more dicey neighborhood. Whether it's the look of the people, the appearance of the buildings, or just the incessant wailing of the police sirens, it can become pretty obvious that you may want to take some extra precautions. The saying goes that on the Internet nobody knows you're a dog. By the same token, on the Web you may not know that you just stumbled into an unsavory neighborhood.

Secure Browser is, as its name might suggest, a secure browser. What that means is that with this tool you're really playing in a sandbox: no matter what bad things you might run across online, not to worry, because everything is walled-off from the rest of your system. Nasty scripts and bad downloads aren't going to mess you up. You can explicitly whitelist or blacklist sites to allow or deny access. And even if you do run into a problem, it's easy to back out of it and reset things on your machine to their original state. So now if you decide to live dangerously and click on one of those Google "visiting this site just might seriously mess up your life" links, you may stand a chance of getting out alive (your mileage may vary—please think carefully before you do that).

Built on top of a Windows version of Firefox 3.6, it comes complete with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins. That means you should be able to use it on any system that supports that browser.

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