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No matter how big your business, if you employ somebody, you have to deal with human resources. If you're just a little ma-and-pa organization, it probably isn't too complicated. But once you start adding the folks, the complication grows. Pretty quick you're spending more time dealing with your workers than taking care of your work. That's why they invented HR software. Unfortunately, HR apps tend to be complicated and costly. That's bad.

OrangeHRM is a free human resources management system. It's modular in construction, so you can pick and choose the pieces you're interested in if you aren't ready to take the plunge and dive completely into it. Using its modules, your life will become much easier when you deal with personnel information, attendance, benefits administration, and even recruiting. It has self service features, so employees don't need to hassle HR staff for simple changes like updating contact information. Along with keeping track of raw information, you can generate reports to let you better see how things are going on the HR front. Save your report templates, so you can track things over time.

OrangeHRM is available for free for Linux and Windows systems. If you're too intimidated by the whole thing, or simply lack the IT depth to properly administer the system, they do also have a paid hosted version you can use.

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