Keep an eye on Caps, Nums with Keyboard LEDs

runs on Windows
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Back in the day when computer keyboards were these big hulking things that took up half of your desktop, there were all kinds of indicator lights that let you keep track of the state of your CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock keys. We never could figure out what the purpose of that last one was, but it must have been important, 'cause it had its own light, right? Fast forward to today.

Whether you're using a laptop or pounding away on a desktop machine with a real keyboard, there's a good chance that you don't have those lights any more. When you start typing, WILL YOU GET ALL CAPS, or will the Powers of Capitalization we with you? Will you be entering numbers, or just moving your cursor around on the screen? And will your scrolling be locked, or will it just be confusing…. Keyboard LEDs is an app that may bring you back a semblance of sanity.

With this free tool, you can display virtual LED lights in your System Tray, or even on your desktop, so that you will know once and for all how your keyboard is going to behave before you hit a single key. Customize its appearance so it will the the most—or least—noticible to you. Set it to start up when Windows does, so you'll never be without.

Keyboard LEDs is a Windows application. You can use it for free at home or in business. And keep an eye on that ScrollLock.

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