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runs on Windows
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So many programs, so little time. Sometimes it's easy to lose track of all the nifty applications you've got loaded on your system. You can always go dig through Program Files, but that may take several minutes—or hours—to find what you're looking for. Even the Start Menu is probably going to give you more choices than you can reasonably handle. If those two options let you keep track of the important- and the really-important stuff, what do you do to track your really really important applications? Maybe something like Hidden Menu.

This tool lets you compile a collection of your most important applications. Or you can drive it the other way around and make a menu of your most important documents—either way, it's easy to get up and running quickly here. Add just the items you're most interested in, and you won't have to dig through a bunch of your second-string players. And on top of that, the "hidden" is there in the name for a reason: when you're not using Hidden Menu, it's, how shall we say it, hidden. Set a screen area to activate it, maybe the lower right corner, and your menu stays out of sight until you move your mouse down there. Then it leaps to life to let you choose where you're going to go next.

Hidden Menu is a free download. It's a Windows application, and should run on anything from Win95 on up.

Download Hidden Menu

2 Responses to “Keep your apps organized with Hidden Menu”

  1. quixote says:

    this menu is so hidden, it cannot be found at all
    all you get is 404s in Chinese.

    bit of research wouldn’t hurt b4 u publish, eh?

  2. crystal says:

    I was going to post the same. Its right, not one of that site’s download links is working and nowhere in the net it appears.
    Where have you digged out this ancient tool ;-)? I guess from your own pretty old collection then.

    But I agree, research wouldn’t be wrong before offering sth on a site 🙂

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