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Paper or plastic? Edward or Jacob? Raster or vector? While the high-tech world doesn't necessarily speak to the first two pairs, the choice between digital images can make a big difference. Especially if you've got the wrong one.

Paint programs, like Photoshop, basically record the color and position of each and every pixel in an image. While that's handy for photos and pix on websites, if you need to do some serious work with your images, it's not necessarily your best bet. Vector images, like you might find in Illustrator, are the ones that your electronic drafting application wants to work with. So if you have an image you want to scan—maybe a drawing you want to modify in AutoCAD—you're out of luck.

WinTopo takes your bitmap image—BMP, TIF, JPEG, GIF, PNG—and converts it into any of several vector formats. Now you can use your drawing program to make edits. And remember, one of the great things about vector images is that you can enlarge or reduce them with no loss of image quality.

You can grab the freeware version of WinTopo for, ummm, free and run it on your Windows system. They've also got a professional version if you're interested, but that's going to cost you.

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