Windows port of vi editor

runs on Windows
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The choice of a text editor can be a highly personal matter. On Windows, you've got Notepad; on Mac there's Text Edit. On Linux and other Unix-like systems, it's not so clear cut: most of those setups have two basic text editors, emacs and vi. To the uninitiated, each of these seems kludgy, but once you're up and running, there's a lot you can accomplish with a few simple keystrokes. If you're a *nix guy or gal working on Windows, or anybody looking for a different approach to text editing on that system, you might want to take a peek at WinVi.

While it features a GUI that might make it familiar to Windows users, complete with File, Edit, and Windows menu choices, underneath it's still good old vi. Insert mode lets you enter and edit text, while command mode lets you take care of business such as opening, saving, and closing files, jump around in your file, and more. It's the best of both worlds: a dessert topping and a floor wax. Or at least a pretty good text editor.

WinVi is a free download. It's a Windows app and runs under Windows 2000 and later. They've also got older versions, so if you're the last person on earth still using Windows 3.1, you're in luck too.

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