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runs on Windows
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Text editors are used for editing text. Nothing too sexy or exciting about that. But when you need one, bells and whistles generally aren't at the top of your priority list. Well, here's a text editor that offers at least a bell or two for you.

Bend allows you to create and edit straight-up text files, so your web server will be happy with the result. But while you're doing the editing, it's got a few features that can help take the pain out of the task. It's got syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, and more. It's got an always-on "find" tool that not only highlights your target text, but also dims the rest of the page, making it really easy to see what it is that find found. It uses tabs, so you can have multiple documents open at once. You can zoom in and out with your mouse wheel, to see bigger- or smaller chunks of text at a time.

You can grab a copy of Bend for free. It's a Windows app and runs under Windows 7. You'll also need to have version 4 of the .NET Framework installed on your system.

Download Bend

4 Responses to “Upscale text editor”

  1. A lonely mouse says:

    You’re pretty quick!

    The project page says
    “This project is not yet published
    If you are a coordinator or developer on this project, please sign in to access the project.”

  2. Eric says:

    Yes, as A Lonely Mouse points out, that link isn’t pointing to any downloads, or even a product page.

  3. Alex Marcus says:

    The Looked Like Something useful but the linked site has the files ‘in development’ and not available to the public. I Thought this site looks for these types of programs/downloads. No Files available for this offering, yet.

  4. Barb says:

    Heh FDAD, how about an alternate link for an earlier version to download at least! Would sure appreciate it. Thanks for all the great links you provide. I love nuts!! ;o)

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