Color Set helps you pick website colors

runs on Windows
screenshot of Color Set

Building a website requires that you exercise several different skills. There's content to fill the site—otherwise who will come to visit? You need to be technically-savvy, or else your site won't function correctly. And then there's that whole design thing: if your site isn't pretty—or at least not ugly—you're not going to be able to get the word out either. For now, you're on you own for the first two items here, but when it comes to design, we've got a tool that might be helpful.

Color Set is an application that lets you plan out the color scheme you want to use for your site. Rather than building your site and having to go back again and again tweaking colors, you can see which hues go well together here. While it doesn't present a mock-up of your site or anything that fancy, what it does do is let you check out and tweak the colors you use for your text, table borders, background, and other elements. You can work with a browser-safe palette, or venture out on your own by specifying colors you want to try. Once you get things set just right, you can save your handiwork to "favorites", or as ready-to-paste HTML code.

You can download Color Set for free. It's a Windows application and should run on any Win32 platform from Windows 95 on up.

Download Color Set

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