CleanUp! removes temporary files

runs on Windows
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A good tool is something that helps you get things done better and more efficiently. A saw helps you make things smaller. A lawn mower helps you make your grass shorter. But how about tools that let you do multiple things? So much the better.

CleanUp! is a two-in-one tool. What it does is help you get rid of the leftover junk on your system, the dreaded "temporary files", which as we all know are often anything but temporary. Now there are a couple of problems inherent with temporary files. First of all, they take up extra space on your system. Get rid of them, and your system will probably run faster, and you'll have more room to store your ever-increasing collection of MP3s. In addition, there are potential security issues there. These temp files contain cached copies of web pages you've visited, and goodness knows what else. With CleanUp! these all go away.

It's easy to install and use CleanUp!. It's small enough that you can stick it on a USB thumb drive or a diskette (kids, ask your parents), and configuration is a snap. And if you really, really want your temporary stuff to go away, it also supports a secure delete, making it next to impossible for the curious to resurrect your deleted files. Afraid you might remove something important? Start out in "demo" mode to see what it thinks it ought to be deleting.

CleanUp! is a free download, and runs on Windows systems.

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