Watch earthquakes (or big trucks) with SeisMac

runs on Mac
screenshot of SeisMac

Living over here on the "Left Coast", we're used to the ground shaking beneath our feet. We're all dialed in to Cal Tech and the USGS to keep an eye on their reports of earthquakes. Turns out all we really needed to do was to grab a copy of SeisMac.

SeisMac takes advantage of the Sudden Motion Sensor in your Mac laptop to let you know when things are a-shakin'. It graphs in real time, showing movement in all three (X, Y, and Z) axes. It's sensitive enough that you should be able to see the temblor set off by your tapping your toes or walking across the room. And if the Big One comes along, you can see it on-screen, as you grab your computer and dive under a nearby table. Big earthquakes can be disconcerting, but at least they're not tornadoes, right?

SeisMac was created with support from the National Science Foundation. It's a free download for your Mac, and runs under OS X 10.4 and later. You'll need to have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro (or an older iBook or PowerBook equipped with Sudden Motion Sensor) to be able to use it.

Download SeisMac

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