Screenshots done one better with ZScreen

runs on Windows
screenshot of ZScreen

There's no denying the usefulness of a screenshot. An image captured from your screen can be used on your blog or website, you can stick it in a document, or any of a zillion and one other uses. There are lots of tools that let you grab an image or a region on your screen and save it. But they all behave pretty much the same: save the screen to your system clipboard, save a region to a file, that sort of thing.

ZScreen does the whole screen capture thing just like all the rest of them, but that's where the similarity ends. Sure, you can use it to stick an image on your clipboard or save it to a generic file, but how about pushing it to another app? Or maybe FTP-ing it to your web server? Most of the others can't do that kind of stuff. It's also got a built-in editor, so you can add annotations and watermarks, crop your captured images, and more. You can even choose the hotkeys to use to activate it, so you aren't stuck with somebody else's idea of an intuitive keystroke combination.

You can grab ZScreen for free; it's a Windows application.

Download ZScreen

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