Batchrun automates your work with no programming

runs on Windows
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Sometimes it seems like life is just too complicated. With so many things to do, it's nice when you can automate some of them. That's part of the reason why we use computers, right? Using a spreadsheet or an accounting program kind of helps to automate managing your finances; using a word processor helps automate typing that letter to mom—or at least it gets rid of the smell of Wite-Out in the office. But so many of the things that computers do require that you perform several non-automated steps to make them happen.

If you're a guru with scripting languages, you may be able to automate some of that stuff. But for the rest of us, learning some programming language to speed things up probably isn't the way to go either. Enter Batchrun, an automation tool that doesn't require that you be able to write a lick of code.

With Batchrun, you create scripts by making selections from dropdowns, browsing to files, and generally just piecing things together. In short, you get your work done without having to struggle to figure out how to use the tool. And that helps make life much less complicated.

Batchrun is a free download. It run on Windows systems from the lowly Win9x up through the latest Windows 7.

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