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runs on Linux
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If you're working on a project with your files on your machine, you probably don't need a document management system. But once you start scattering files around, or having multiple people working at once, you almost have to have a system in place to keep track of who's doing what. After all, you don't want to spend all day working on revisions to the most important report of the year, only to have your work trashed by somebody going through the document tweaking captions to pictures in it. A document management system helps keep you from stepping on each other's toes.

With OpenDocMan, you can decide who has access to which files. Let a whole department work on a set of documents, or tighten-up access so that only an individual can get in there. Check-in/check-out makes sure that two people aren't editing the same doc at the same time. And maybe the most important thing is that since the system tracks changes to documents, you can roll-back to earlier versions if necessary. Cool.

OpenDocMan is an open source application, and you can download it for free. You're probably going to want to use it on your Linux webserver, as it needs Apache, MySQL, and PHP to make things go.

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