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Duplicate files can be a pain in the neck. They unnecessarily take up disk space that might be better used for other things, and the more clutter you've got, the more likely you're going to do something that will break things—maybe you'll edit one version of a file this time, but a different version next time. Pretty quick you don't know what you've really got going on. We've looked at tools that can help you out with duplicate documents and with duplicate music files; here's an app that can help you identify duplicate image files as well.

Duplicate Images Finder can take care of the simple stuff, like looking for duplicate filenames. That's relatively easy. What makes it more useful is the fact that it will look at the contents of your files as well. Of course it will find exact duplicates—two copies of the same picture—but it's also smart enough to recognize similarities. If you've got a couple of pretty-close photos of the dog in the yard or the kids in the snow, it's going to recognize that and bring them to your attention. Now you can decide whether you really need only one of them, or if you intentionally have all those photos of basically the same stuff.

You can download a copy of Duplicate Images Finder for free and run it on your Windows machine.

Download Duplicate Images Finder

One Response to “Free application helps identify duplicate images”

  1. Ashish says:

    Does not work, plain and simple!
    created a folder, in it two sub-folders. put few .jpg files in both sub-folders, and then copied contents of both into parent folder… it says no duplicates found.