Use SelfControl to fight distractions

runs on Mac
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Are you easily distracted? Do people dangle shiny things in front of you to grab your attention? Or maybe they don't have to, since you've already got email, Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest keeping you from getting anything useful done. Maybe you need some self control. Maybe you need SelfControl.

With this app, you can choose the websites that keep you from getting work done and block them out for a predetermined period of time. If you just can't let the "6 new tweets" message sit there without refreshing your page, maybe it's time to tell SelfControl to restrict your access to Twitter. Start out slow—maybe ten minutes—and build up to longer periods as you get used to it. Through some behind-the-scenes magic, this tool doesn't let you bypass itself—supposedly rebooting your machine or even deleting the app won't let you back in until the time you set has passed.

Self Control is a Mac application. You'll need to be running OS X version 10.4 or later to use it. And good luck.

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  1. aaron says:

    Are you sure it works on 10.4? It doesn’t start for me, but it doesn’t give me an error.

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