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Did you ever wake with a start and realize that it's just too hard to find things in your files and on your computer and decide "this is the day that I will master regular expressions?" No, I didn't think so.

Regular expressions provide a means of matching strings of characters based on rules you specify. They are used in text editors, utility programs, and several programming languages (Perl is practically built on them). They let you find text fast without having to do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself. Powerful, yes, but also often complicated. That's where you need a coach.

The Regex Coach is a tool that can give you a hand with learning and improving your skills in the use of regular expressions. Type your target string into the application window, enter the regular expression that you think you want, and press the magic button. The app will let you know how successful you were in your attempt. Huzzah! for you if you were successful, but if not, then you can fine tune your regexp and try again.

You can grab The Regex Coach for free. It's a Windows app, and you're going to have the best luck with Win2k or later.

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