Hot Potatoes lets you built web-based tests

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Back in the day, you had to have a pencil and paper to take a test. Where would we be without the dreaded Blue Book? Then came the Scantron card—just color in the little bubbles. We've come far beyond that. Now you can take tests on the Web. And if you use Hot Potatoes, it's not so hard to create those tests either.

Hot Potatoes is a suite of apps that let you build several different types of tests and quizzes suitable for deployment to the Web, or anywhere else you can reach with a browser. Choose from multiple choice, short-answer, and other formats. The quizzes are self scoring, so users get immediate feedback about their answers. They've got links to a bunch of sites that incorporate their tests to give you an idea of what's possible.

Hot Potatoes is a free download. It comes with a Windows installer, or you can grab the Java version which you can install on Linux, Mac, or any other system with a Java runtime.

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