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If you've got information to share, you could just open your window and shout out into the street. While you might get the attention of passing pedestrians, they may be more inclined to pass you by than listen to what you have to say. And of course, nobody else is going to hear your story. That's why they invented handbills, leaflets, and flyers.

Whether you're renting a room out, looking for a babysitting gig, or promoting your business, it's nice to put a piece of paper into people's hands. Whether you're handing out flyers with your business name, or tacking a For Sale sign with those little tear-off tabs with your phone number on a utility pole, people are going to remember better who you are and what you have to offer when they've got something in their hands.

Printable Flyer Templates has dozens of free templates you can use for selling your stuff, advertising your services, or just generally letting folks know that you're in business. Advertise your garage sale, find your lost dog, publicize your organization's car wash, and more. And best of all, they're free—just download a template in Microsoft Word DOC format, make your edits, and then print your customized flyer. They're compatible with any system that supports Word, or other apps that can work with DOCs. Some of the flyers are also available as PDFs.

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