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runs on Windows
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If you're writing PHP code for a website or some other purpose, you need a text editor. It's important that you avoid any of the formatting stuff that you might get using a tool like Word. The only problem is that when you look at big chunks of code in Notepad, it can all sort of seem to run together, making debugging more of a chore than it needs to be. That's where a dedicated code editor might come in handy.

Winsyntax is a tool to look at here. It features syntax highlighting, which makes it a lot easier to see what you're working on. With functions in one color, comments in another, and so forth, your code makes more sense. In addition, it's got context-sensitive help for PHP keywords, meaning you won't have to have a stack of books open on your desktop as well when you're trying to figure out how many arguments you need for that function you just used.

You can use Winsyntax on Windows systems. It should be right at home on any Win32 system from Windows 95 on up. And the price is right, too: it's free.

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