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Your poor brain never catches a break. You run, run, run all day, making decisions, processing information, trying to keep things all together. And then at night, when your body gets a chance to take a well-earned rest, your grey matter continues to work, dreaming the night away. Whether your dreams are merely the result of your having eaten that pepperoni pizza too close to bedtime, or your psyche's desire to figure stuff out, some folks find it helpful to keep track of what was dreamed. It's interesting that what is experienced so vividly at the time can be hard to recall by morning. Keeping a dream journal, where you record what you dreamt immediately upon awakening, is one way to keep track of what's going on. It's easy to put a pad and paper right next to the bed, but hey, we've come beyond that, right?

DreamDiary is an application designed to help you record your dreams. Use it to record your dreams, as well as thoughts and ideas you have throughout the day. Use it for keeping journal-type entries, either for personal stuff, or even business. You can organize your musings hierarchically, and it's got a built in calendar as well. The search function helps you find what you've written, and since it supports passwords and encryption, you don't need to worry about anybody else finding out what you've written.

You can download a copy of DreamDiary for free. It's a Mac application, and since it's a Universal Binary, you can use it on systems running OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later.

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