VistaSwitcher makes it easy to switch tasks

runs on Windows
screenshot of VistaSwitcher

If you've ever run two applications at the same time, then you know all about [Alt]+[Tab], the standard Windows let's-do-something-else command. Sure, it gets you from here to there, but there's nothing special about it. VistaSwitcher is an elegant alternative.

With this tool, it's still easy to jump from task to task. Now, though, you get a cool dialog that not only lets you pick which app you want to go to next, it also gives you a full list of all the apps running on your system, as well as a preview of the target apps. Use your mouse wheel to scroll through the list and jump directly to where you want to go. Right clicking on apps in the list lets you tweak window sizes and shapes. It's even smart enough to work with multiple displays.

You can grab a copy of VistaSwitcher for free. It's a Windows app and runs on systems under Vista or Windows 7.

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