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Scheduling anything can be a hassle. Whether it's making sure the kids get to soccer or that you get to all your meetings, it can be a real challenge to make sure that everything's covered and that you need to get where you need to go. Can you imagine how complicated it would be to set up the schedule for a school?

FET is a tool that lets administrators set up the schedule for a school. It lets you take into consideration the number and length of class periods, teacher availability (schedule conflicts, min- and max-hours worked in a day, extracurricular time requirements, etc.), classroom and common space availability, and more. You can weight various requirements, so that the tool can break ties when you've got conflicting requirements. And you can import and export data as text files (XML, CSV) so that you're not tied to the program's interface and can use your data with other applications if necessary.

You can download FET for free. There's a Windows installer that you can use, or you can grab a tarball and compile it yourself and install on Linux or Mac systems.

Download FET

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