Build your own color palettes with Colorate

runs on Mac
screenshot of Colorate

Some folks have a talent (or a gift) for being able to pick out colors that go well together. You can see how well dressed they are, and be dazzled by their fine looking websites. Then there are those (your author included) who have no clue. But whether you're an expert or a disaster, it's always good to have help. And that's exactly what Colorate provides.

With this free tool, it's easy to put together palettes of colors that make sense and work well together. If you're looking for a new set of colors, it will generate one for you automatically. If you have an image or some other sample you'd like to match, give it to the tool and it will generate a palette based on your input. For most purposes, that's probably going to be the best you can do, but if you want to play with it more from there, you can further tweak the suggestions to get even better colors to work with. Once you find a set you like, you can save them to re-use in the future.

Colorate is a free download. It's a Mac application and will run under OS X 10.4 and later. It's a Universal Binary, so it's equally at home on PowerPC and Intel-powered Macs.

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