Tweak PDFs to fit your handheld device

runs on Windows
screenshot of Papercrop

Smart phones and iPods and their kind are pretty handy. Pick it up, bring it along, and there you go. Until you have to read a document that doesn't fit on the screen. Now you get to spend all you time scrolling around the screen, or trying to figure out just what got cut off. It would be nice if you could reformat your documents to fit that smaller form factor display.

Papercrop is a tool that can give you a hand with that chore. Fire it up, feed it your PDF, and let it convert it into single-column format with dimensions you specify. If PDF isn't to your liking, you can convert your document into one of several image formats. You've also got options to fiddle with sharpness, contrast, and color depth to get the most out of your document. Now everything fits on the screen all at once and you can spend your time and effort reading and understanding, instead of cursing that teeny tiny screen.

Papercrop is a free Windows application. And happy reading.

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