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Writers come in all sizes, shapes, and abilities. If you're into "terse", then Twitter or your cell phone's SMS text message functionality may be all the tools you need. If you're aiming a little higher, you probably want a bit more horsepower to get the job done. At the opposite extreme is the writer of novels. These tomes can range from dozens to literally thousands of pages, with casts of characters that can go on and on. Yes, you can go old-school and write this stuff all by hand—Tolstoy did not have a word processor to write War and Peace—but your life might be a lot easier with a more appropriate tool.

Storybook is a free tool for organizing and writing. You can keep track of all your characters, locations, scenes, and story lines, letting you get on with telling your story instead of getting bogged down in the administrivia that surrounds it. Sort all the pieces by chapter or date. Drag scenes around to better organize your story. And since it stores its data in a built-in database, stuff you enter is updated instantly; no worries about forgetting to save your work when your computer decides it's time to crash.

Storybook is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7), as well as Linux. Technically this application is "donationware," so we're sure the authors wouldn't be heartbroken if you decided to send 'em a few bucks.

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3 Responses to “Organize Your Novel”

  1. willard says:

    Tastes may vary about the design of writing software like this, but one likely unanimous sentiment is that the constant nagging of this program to buy is near unbearable.

    In fact, this constant nagging takes it out of the freeware realm; it is THAT obnoxious.

    Want a *truly* free program of this type? Try ywriter from spacejock. Much better and no nags, whatsoever.

  2. Laura Ess says:

    I was mystified by the previous comment, as I’ve used this program before and noticed NO nag screens at all! Since there is no “PRO” version of this, there’s nothing to buy, and nothing to nag about.

    More serious issues are limitation and assumptions made in the default databases. It would be handy to set up default dates, icons, have groups and relationships between characters, but that isn’t in this program, and it should be.

  3. Chica says:

    I will download this software to see if it will work with documentation development for simple product instructions. I need something less expensive right now.