Convert DOC and DOCX files to TXT

runs on Mac
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Microsoft Word's DOC files have all kinds of bells and whistles. Along with the text they contain, there's a world of formatting that comes along for the ride. Whether it's fancy fonts, table formatting, or other tricky stuff, you can really dress things up here. Which is all good, unless you don't want it. Maybe the words themselves are what you're really after, and the formatting is just getting in the way. This can be especially true where you're adapting text to use somewhere else, particularly where you've written programming- or web page code in there. Your page will never load with all that extra stuff in there. What you need is plain old text and nothing else.

Doc To Txt Converter is a tool that can give you a hand with stripping all the fancy stuff out of your document. Feed it one or more Word files, in either DOC or the new DOCX format, and it goes to work extracting your text while it leaves all the window dressing behind. Now that you've got just the words, you can get on with doing what you need to with that text.

You can use Doc To Txt Converter on your Mac. It runs under OS X 10.4 and later.

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