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They say good things come in small packages. While that may be true, sometimes those good things are too small to really work with. Take a small image file, for example. That may be the finest photo, drawing, or icon around, but if it's too small to really see, it's not going to do anybody any good. We all get spam email about helping to enlarge, umm, certain things all the time, but what about a tool to enlarge images?

SmillaEnlarger is an app that helps you make small pictures big. While there are lots of tools you can use to accomplish this task, generally the quality of your images takes such a hit that you'd be better served to just squint and try to do with best you can with the original. This app employs some technical sleight-of-hand to render your enlargements much clearer than you might expect.

You can grab SmillaEnlarger for Linux, Mac, or Windows systems.

Download SmillaEnlarger

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  1. ALC says:

    I have this on both my laptop (win7) and my xp desktops, it works great.
    I visit this site everyday

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