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It's always something. They give you plastic, but you wanted paper. You get chocolate, but really had a hankering for vanilla. You downloaded a WMV but can only deal with MOV. What'cha gonna' do?

Fileminx is a service that lets you convert files from one format into another. It supports all manner of popular file formats for text, images, music, and video. PDF your Word DOC without any need to invest in or install any fancy tools. Convert a BMP into a web-friendly PNG. Convert WMV into MOV to watch on your Mac—or go the other way to watch on your PC. And it's easy to use; just browse to the file on your system, choose which format you want it converted into, and press the magic button. Their little file-converting elves get right to work, and quick-like-a-bunny, your newly-converted file is ready to download.

You don't have to sign up, and it doesn't cost anything to use Fileminx. All you need is a web browser and the desire to convert a file.

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  1. rahul says:

    it will help me in conversion of files from one format to anther.thanks

  2. seth says:

    ppt to ohp

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